Companies of all sizes have asked Seven 5 Films to produce overview videos for their brand. As a result, we’ve developed offering that address limited budgets without sacrificing quality and function. Check out how we work with smaller companies below.


Control video spend

Many of our SMB partnerships last for years since we’re able to collaborate on ways to maximize spend and fit within any budget.

We believe that video can help any company in the world effectively introduce their offering. Because of this, we’re happy to work with companies that are brand new start-ups all the way to established multinational corporations. 


Many of our clients are companies with fewer than 50 employees, so we’ve become very familiar with their unique needs. These often include being able to leverage existing assets to reduce costs or repositioning completed videos for different functions. We love our SMB clients and would like to show you how we maximize value to this huge part of the market.

Diversify your style

Because of the size and different backgrounds of our team, we can produce fresh concepts and imagery as requested by our clients.

Repurpose your materials

Not every video needs to be built from scratch. We’re often able to make on-screen, audio, and script adjustments to existing videos in order to use them elsewhere

Small initial investment

Our Blueprint program is a great way to meet our team and see what we can do for you. This all happens before any financial commitment which can be very affordable for ALL businesses.

Economy of scale

If your need for video grows with your business, Seven 5 Films will work with you on discounted productions for series videos or bundled services.

Custom video production services built specifically for your business


Animated Video

Individual and series video built with motion graphics, 3D animation, whiteboard, and stock motion graphics.

Screen Shot 2020-12-28 at 5.37.07 PM.png

Product Video

Animated and live video with a specific focus on user interface and technical operations of software and hardware.

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Live Video

Individual and series video recorded in person for commercials, testimonials, events, and drone footage.


Script and Voiceover

Production and editing of video script and audio components including voiceover, effects, and music selection.


Virtual/Remote Video

Development and deployment of online educational modules that use video assets as part of the curriculum.

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Video Translations

Creation of alternative versions of existing video through subtitling, new language VO, and localization.