Seven 5 Films provides extensive video translation and localization services for clients of all sizes. We have a huge archive of examples ranging from one video translation to multi-lingual conversions for large series projects.


Video translation and localization is a must for companies who have offices around the world, or who promote their products and services to a global audience. It’s essential to offer these prospects and customers videos with voiceover and on-screen text animations in their native language.

Seven 5 Films has developed a world-class video translation and localization process and team over the last decade. Our video experts can translate and localize English videos into nearly any language in the world to support our customer’s global business and support their marketing efforts abroad.

Global Reach

Seven 5 Films is able to translate and localize an existing English video into nearly any language in the world.

End-to-End Service

We partner with your team from the initial script and on-screen text translation, through foreign language voiceover recording, and all the way through all video editing to produce the final translated video.

Extend your investment

By localizing and translating your video from English into a foreign language you are extending the value of your investment into the original English video since the development of a translated video is only a fraction of the cost of the English video.

Speak your client’s language

With translated and localized video you’re able to promote your services and offerings in the native language of your prospect or customer.

Economy of scale

If your need for translated video grows with your business, Seven 5 Films will work with you on discounted productions for series videos or bundled services.



Extended Team

With over 150 professionals, Seven 5 Films is able to offer large-scale enterprise video production services to companies all over the world.

Suite of Services

Seven 5 Films offers a comprehensive suite of video production services that include live video, animation, eLearning, translation, editing, and more

Live Video Production

Our flagship service offering is to provide full live video production capabilities globally. This includes footage capture and editing for broadcast and events.

Team Collaboration

Seven 5 Films works directly with internal video production resources to provide scalable services that save money and seamlessly complement.

Global Reach

Comprehensive translation and localization services that ensure your videos are being understood by an international and multi-lingual audience.

Scaled Pricing

Seven 5 Films works with each client to define custom pricing and finance terms that work best for your organization and promote a strong alliance.

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