Enterprise Video

Seven 5 Films has been producing live and animated videos for enterprise and SMB clients for 10 years. Our award-winning productions have been seen online, on broadcast TV, and at events worldwide. Learn a little more about us and reach out to discuss how we can help you.


Demand for corporate video is increasing year over year as departments outside of marketing are recognizing new valuable ways to use it. Smart companies are responding by building a collective of internal and external resources to address this demand. This is where Seven 5 Films works best with Enterprise companies.

Large organizations will require a variety of video styles and uses that often need to be viewed by a global audience. We partner with these companies to provide a comprehensive and on-demand production offering that works very well with your additional internal and external video staff and contractors.

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Control video costs

Many of our enterprise partnerships last for years since we’re able to collaborate on ways to maximize spend and fit within any budget.

Diversify your style

Because of the size and different backgrounds of our team, we can produce fresh concepts and imagery as requested by our clients.

Expand your resource pool

Many of our enterprise clients will partner with Seven 5 Films as an extension, not a replacement, of their existing internal video teams.

Small initial investment

Our Blueprint program is a great way to meet our team and see what we can do for you. This all happens before any financial commitment is made.

Economy of scale

As your business grows, Seven 5 Films will work with you on discounted productions for series videos or bundled services.



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Extended Team

With over 200 professionals, Seven 5 Films is able to offer large-scale enterprise video production services to companies all over the world


Suite of Services

Seven 5 Films offers a comprehensive suite of video production services that include live video, animation, camera crews, eLearning, translation, editing, and more.

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Live Video Production

Our service offering is to provide full live video production capabilities globally. This includes footage capture and editing for broadcast and events.


Team Collaboration

Seven 5 Films works directly with internal video production resources to provide scalable services that save money and seamlessly complement

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Global Reach

Comprehensive translation and localization services that ensure your videos are being understood by an international and multi-lingual audience

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Scaled Pricing

Seven 5 Films works with each client to define custom pricing and finance terms that work best for your organization and promote a strong alliance.