Seven 5 Films encourages companies of all sizes to evaluate us using the Blueprint program. This allows you to work with our team on the first stages of a project before any financial commitment is made. Let’s discuss how we can help you.


There is certainly no shortage of options when it comes to video production services. There are freelance, offshore, in-house, and expensive ad agency choices that are all competing for your business. Seven 5 Films recognized this early on and developed a much better method of evaluation for companies that want to know upfront if their investment will be worth it.

Our Blueprint program allows you to work with us on the first several stages of a production before you make any financial commitment. This means you are assigned a team, we kick-off, and we complete actual work before you sign any agreement or receive any invoices.

This is a unique offering that Seven 5 Films developed and has been the start of hundreds of enterprise and SMB relationships.


Step 1. Discovery

We work with you and your team to define upcoming video production needs and we discuss our capabilities and general pricing.

Step 2: Definition

The Blueprint is defined on a specific project. This can be for live, animated, eLearning, or any other project type.

Step 3: Launch

We kick off the project just like we would on any other engagement. You are assigned a dedicated team that gets to work.

Step 4: Production

We design and present the first few portions of the project. These may include a script and visual mock-up. They are yours to keep.

Step 5: Decision

We complete rounds of revisions and you provide us with feedback on our process and work. You decide if you’d like to move forward.