Leveraging Video for Internal & External Communications During COVID-19 Global Pandemic


BY SEVEN 5 FILMS - May 1, 2020

Videos play a critical role in the delivery of personalized and speedy responses during a crisis such as the current COVID-19 pandemic.


Why is video considered the most powerful communication tool today?


Statistics show that viewers retain 95% of the messaging when delivered from a video.


We’re also already using video to digest information; in fact, the average person watches about 84 video minutes daily and the number is expected to reach 100 minutes by the year 2021.


Studies show that using video-focused digital training programs helps increase employee engagement by 20 percent.


Video provides the business an instantaneous and powerful medium for communicating with your employees, prospects, and clients, in an authentic and hyper-accessible manner during the current pandemic as well as other internal and external crises.


How to use the power of video for internal communication during COVID-19 global pandemic.


To foster effective internal communication that enhances peer-to-peer collaboration, readiness, and teamworking, video can be used within your organization for:


  • Making announcements and offering updates from your company about your response to COVID-19 using formats like a newsletter video


  • Making learning easy with training videos that break down complex tasks or even best practices of working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic



Best practices for using video for external communication during COVID-19 crises.


Video is a critical business communication tool that provides you with a cost-effective, highly-scalable, digitally-enabled, and personalized means of communicating with external shareholders, partners, and customers.

Below are ways you can leverage the power of video to reach your firm’s external audience during this current global pandemic:


  • Manage your PR activities to protect your brand, company image, and reputation and your response to COVID-19

  • Promote your Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives such as offering your audience the latest information on how to stay safe amidst the COVID-19 outbreak

  • Engage, inform and educate your customers, shareholders, and investors by offering regular updates on the well-being of your company and how it will adapt to changing times

  • Train and educate your suppliers, partners, contractors, vendors, and other third-party relations on changes that will be required due to the COVID-19 global pandemic


Leverage the power of video for your internal and external company communications to deliver information in a highly effective format and provide a powerful medium for sharing your company’s approach to the current global crisis.

To learn more about how Seven 5 Films can help your brand’s video communications strategy as well as support any upcoming video development needs, contact us today. 

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