Seven 5 Films produces creative and engaging video content for corporations, agencies and industry associations located in Los Angeles, CA, Denver, CO and throughout the United States. We offer our clients and creative agency partners flexible pricing, top-quality work a strategic marketing approach to every project with a solid content strategy and a digital distribution campaign. We are passionate about every client project, giving due care and attention to every single detail from conception to completion so that you get the results you need. 


Over the past 18 years, our team has produced numerous videos for corporations, advertising agencies, and successful businesses. Although the tools and technologies have dramatically changed since we started in this industry, Seven 5 Films' unwavering mission to further our reputation as a world-class video agency has remained untouched. We are constantly improving the quality of our finished product and are dedicated to helping companies leverage our services so they can effectively launch their brand, grow their business, educate clients, and customers, recruit and retain talent, motivate their workforce and build better communities.


As creative professionals who also have a deep understanding of what it takes to create engaging content that improves the way you communicate with clients, customers, employees, partners, and investors. We want to work with companies who strive to be the best in their industry and we hope you feel the same way about whom you choose to partner with for your video production needs.

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Email: david@seven5films.com

  Office: 303-478-7339  |  Mobile: 213-357-1021

Los Angeles | Denver | Las Vegas | Chicago | New York